Cottage Tour (Cannon Beach, OR)

Finally able to finish cleaning up the photos – admittedly, that is always the longest part of blogging.  teehee  Well that and also the clean up following any trip (especially a camping/Pod trip).  Luckily the weather this last weekend in Cannon Beach was perfect, cooler at night (which helped with the airflow in the trailer) and a little warmer during the day.  Always great winds though (along the beach).

So I found out that these Cottage & Garden Tours change from different locations (makes sense) and this year was in the Tolovana area.  There were only 11 participants, some were just the gardens and of course, most don’t allow you to photograph the interiors (unless you ask and IF the owner allows) – so you’ll see that I did get a few (luckily the owners were there).

The chamber and other volunteers also manage the tour and your given a map with a little summary of each property.  What I find cute is that several of the owners name their homes, some though are the names from the original owners.  Most of the cottages are from the late 30’s and 40’s but several had to be renovated/redone.  Please enjoy the photos and I DO hope that you can put Cannon Beach on your bucket list of places to visit – it’s been listed on several magazines/sites as one of the TOP BEACH locations and I hope that it never becomes TOO COMMERCIAL (like so many others).  I love the cottage charm and want it to be OUR little beach for as long as possible.

The first home I toured was called Sea Star and Robin Lichtenstein, the owner was very nice to allow me to take some photos – according to the summary the home was built in 1948 but when Robin & Jeff purchased it that had to remodel to really show the true beach cottage look.  I was intrigued since my own Little Home has a peaked roof & I thought it would be cool to add a room up there.  You can see how low the vaulted ceiling is… (can’t be tall).  teehee

They DO have a great view from that wrap around deck.


Again, love the little NAMES on the cottages – these are some rentals in the area (below).

A few other photos from some of the other tour homes.

This tiny home (summary says: rumor has it, the front room of the cottage was a store & post office) – which you can kind of see.  It has more of the roofline like my Little Home though – stay in the center – and the nice guy (also taking photos) was nice enough to allow me the amusement of seeing him go through the ‘peak’ doorway.

This cabin home built in the early 40’s with the original knotty pine (I love the chenille blanket) has a beautiful rock fireplace built from the rocks at Silver Point (I couldn’t get a picture – too many visitors).

And of course there was a 1970’s classic, couldn’t get pictures, but it’s listed as a rental called Beach Haven with this definite grotto style sauna tub…


This last one that I’ll share with you is also a home that is for sale (pending) – the House that Jerry Bosco Built, a very ‘unique’ home/property – you have to see the listing to get the best photos and history.  I loved the history of it… summary: ‘prior to his passing, Jerry established the Bosco-Milligan Foundation in Portland to fulfill his vision of a place where his collections could be used in education & training programs. Each room is an architectural wonder, from the stained glass windows, marble floors, to a gold leafed chandelier, and a “Pi R Squared” bathroom made from old Portland address tiles.‘  THAT to me is what these cottage homes represent, the efforts of some original owners who also wanted to be near the beach and found ways to live (create) their homes!  What a truly Simple Romantic Life!!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the tour (as much as I could share).  It definitely felt like my Simple Romantic Life – trailer camping, walks, hikes, beach beauty, simple meals (even joined Michael one day at Bill’s Tavern – a MUST for you beer drinkers – and definitely campfire meals and playing silly card games.  Even our little ‘scaredy cat’ Archer managed to join us and was intrigued by all the sounds & smells.

As I’ve mentioned before, you definitely have to hike, enjoy the beauty of the beach and take a trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon.

~ Love, Laura


Cannon Beach Here We Come (again)

I’m excited to be heading back to Cannon Beach, OR this coming weekend.  Michael is excited to have me in the R-pod too (luckily the little fire/disaster has been fixed), but he wants to show off his ‘handy work’ too (his renovations).  teehee

I am also excited to go because this weekend is their Annual Cottage Home Tours.  And I’m sure some of you have guessed that I LOVE cottage homes!  DUH.  Also I love going to Cannon Beach and spending a little SIMPLE ROMANTIC time with Michael, much needed.  (wink wink)

While I will be touring the homes (which I will TRY and sneak some interior pictures, when/if the owners allow) and share them with you all here.  You can see some of the photos on my previous link (of the exteriors).

I hope the weather is as good as they keep promising, I’m hoping to get in a good hike (searching from some more driftwood poles – of course for my WITCH BROOMS for Halloween) and Michael will be taking some great photos (mine will be okay).  🙂

I’ve been working still on my props/projects for Halloween and am excited that we will be hosting the party here at our home (rather than work)!  Looking forward to having family/friends over for it too.

Until next week, everyone have a great weekend – I really can’t wait for fall too (already bought myself the plaid hoodie – a Seattle staple)!  And I decorated the house but not very happy with the results.  It always looks better in my head (I’ll keep tinkering with it, but the Halloween stuff has taken over my life)!  HA HA

~Love, Laura