Design Smackdown

Have to share the latest Design Smackdown video’s which highlighted designer Betsy Ginn and Robert Passal.  Betsy she says that her style is Vintage Glamour – which spoke to me for my upcoming Christmas decor 2016.  🙂  I know that my sister (and ex-brother in law) would say that my style is contemporary, but ironically I find my home decor style to be quite safe eclectic? haha.  That means that some of my elements are routine (my Pottery Barn sofas) and yes my high gloss Ikea shelves would be considered contemporary as well as the old (from marriage) purple chair (which I will eventually replace); but I like to restyle/repurpose as often as I can.  Just like when I style/prop I like to find something different each time.  I’m sadly NOT a routine person and I redo our home seasonally and most of the time for holidays. (and NO affiliate links here – don’t I WISH, I could use them from both Pottery Barn and Ikea).  lol

Now, onto Betsy’s home… she too likes to flea-market!  SO me!  And I do love her tufted couch.  Maybe not as big for me, but I will admit that I do love a tufted couch, and her choice of velvet fabric just adds to that element, right?  Note that Robert Passal also uses a tufted sofa, but with a more clean/linen approach.  Still amaze…  his decor is very structured.  But he does add a very ME velvet tufted sofa to the guest room… cute!


LOL – and love how they say that ‘Californians RECYCLE’.   Did you get a glimpse of her ‘fun’ (indoor/outdoor) space and that OUTDOOR wrought-iron bed?!!  OMG I want that.  But yes, it would end up rusting (quickly) after all of our Seattle rain, poor thing would never have much time to stay white.


I found these photos on Robert Passal, love the style/shape of this tufted bed (although I would SO want it maybe in a velvet blue instead) and of course a CHAISE LOUNGE (want)!!


Enjoy the bloopers at the end of the video and I want to know – which do you prefer?  East Coast or West Coast Style – OR a little of both (like me)?


Happy Sunday my dear peeps.  Just wanted to share a little FUN while I’ve been Pinteresting, peeking and planning my upcoming HOLIDAY DECOR too.

~Love, Laura


Summer & Fourth of July Decorating

Of course I have to change up the decorations in the house (duh – lol).  But thought I would just ‘enhance’ Book Bear and the other two cute little Bearpaw Carving bears that I brought home.

As I was adding the clear matte sealer to the two bears (they were unfinished), as well as adding some red felt to their ‘bottoms’ (hee hee), I also went ahead and created a silly little craft.  Paint mixer wooden flag.  Kathy & Monette asked if I got the idea from Pinterest (ironically not this time), but did see one after I made mine.  Luckily Michael had to go to Home Depot for more Pod (his mini trailer) items and I tagged along to get some mosquito repellant plants for the house.  While I was there, I thought about the paint mixer craft and glad to see they had the 5 gallon bucket mixers – so I happily grabbed twelve of them.  (I don’t ASK for them, I just take what I want, smile at the staff and walk away).  HA

But I did spend about $50 on some silly plants and planting mix anyways… all wonderful smelling ones: gardenia, lavender, basil, marigold and rosemary.

So here is the finished craft project and some of my SILLY Summer and Fourth of July decorations around the house…

Kathy, I used some of ‘meat cleaver hooks’ to put the Bearpaw Carving sign up (for now) – lol.  And of course you gotta have MORE COWBELL…





Oh but I DID get to enjoy a WONDERFUL sunny day with my sweet friend Erica yesterday at her new place (on Alki) and loved taking a few pictures for some ideas for Little House.  I heard Peter ask her to go for a bike ride (as I was leaving) and I came home and made Michael take a walk with me (he was dealing with some work stress) so afterwards I donned my cute MOOSE apron (thank you Kathy – Bearpaw item) and he snapped a photo – but as you (and he, Kathy & Monette) pointed out, I looked like I was ONLY wearing the apron.  HA HA  No, but it was amusing.

Now to go clean and work on my next craft/prop projects – I’m already looking at the Halloween props (it will be my ANNUAL event)!

~Love, Laura