Snohomish, WA – Holiday Decorated Shops

Hello again everyone, well I finished wrapping up MY holiday decorating and helping with the Zillow event last Friday (took almost the full week to decorate the two rooms of the Convention Center), but it looked FABULOUS!  What a lucky group.

But before I did that, Michael and I did a little road trip over to one of my favorite places, Snohomish, WA so that I could enjoy some time at all the wonderful shops and antique stores.  It is a MUST go to if you are visiting Seattle and during the summer enjoy watching the skydivers jump from the planes!

I thought I would just share the photos I took with you all to enjoy (hopefully as much as I did), and yes I didn’t leave empty handed (uh-oh).  tee hee

Some of my favorites shops are: Annie’s on First, Faded Elegance, Ruffles & Rust, Bungalow Bling, Hoity Toity (this place I usually grab something for my daughter, but also find some cute home decor items for myself), Joyworks (where they have some of the fabulous trees, but I didn’t make it this time – Michael was getting bored), Queen Bee Home & Garden (you’ll see their fabulous Angels in my photos) and several more…




And for you men, there ARE some great pubs (Michael can attest) where you can sit and enjoy some great beer and/or hamburgers!  🙂


Hope you enjoyed the shopping (window version here)…

~Love, Laura



Elegant Christmas Decor

Note:  The links I’ve attached are some of my affiliate links (which help support my blog and some of my props/projects), others are just other favorite places to shop- (besides my affiliate ones, Target and Walmart). 

Finally loaded some of the photos I took of the Christmas Decor.  Monette and I anxiously started on Thanksgiving eve (lol), much to the dismay of mom.  🙂  I will say, that I was amazed at how quickly Monette got most of her decorations up, from the trees to the lights (outdoors & all)… congrats!  For me, well it’s always a work in progress (the misery of always trying to create the right vignette/display.  This year I chose to go with an elegant theme – with lots of glitter (hee hee – poor Michael).  My decorating started though with repainting the entryway, especially after the ‘blob’ we created from Halloween (and although the yellow highlights the molding, it is very dated).

I couldn’t wait so I started with the NEW silver tree I purchased from Walmart.

Love the color and shine, but not as happy that the tinsel seems to fall off too often (they offered to ship me another one, but unfortunately they were sold out, so they gave me a little discount).  But I loved the ‘very girly’ look.  Some of the ornaments are from Molbak’s (the darker rose ones and the beautiful crystal glitter picks), the Eiffel Towers and wings are from World Market and the beautiful blush and longer pinks & cream are from Target and Michaels.  I picked those up when I took my daughter to get her’s also from Target and Michaels.  The crown is from Molbak’s, a little top heavy for this tree but I don’t care, I love it!  🙂


Here’s what it looks like at night, love the grey cord on the lights.

We picked up the tree on Friday while everyone else was doing madness sales, we first took a road trip to Whidbey Island and on the way home got the tree (thankfully no rain), but I learned – DON’T take Michael again, too rushing and ‘this ones fine’ (thus we now have a crooked but pretty Noble).  😦  Poor guys had to use a step stool though to get the tree up on Blue.  lol

Entry (with new paint).

I used the black pencil tree from Treetopia (also my Halloween tree) since I didn’t want to purchase another one (and my FEATHER tree was too fat for the entry).  But I also added some of the similar colors as well as teal (which I used on the Noble tree).  My padded card board, (currently with last year’s cards) and on the opposite side I created a Book Page frame.  I took an ugly old print (but loved the gilded gold/burgundy frame from Goodwill) and glued pages from an old book – The Robe to cover the print.  Then to just add some contrast, added one of my wreaths and more ornaments.

In the niche I bought a faux stone French decor bust from Molbak’s and placed her on the base of one of my cloche’s, (the photo below shows her minus the wings and the mini bird) along with my Que Sera Sera saying and two more gilded frames, the glitter paper is this amazingly thick wrapping paper from Target, (I’m not sure if I can actually wrap a gift with it, I’m finding it too useful to use for DIYs).  teehee

The French bust becomes an angel when I found the small white wings I had and also added the pretty blush, crowned bird (from my trip to Snohomish).


Now to the living room… still have a few little details to finish later, ornaments also from Walmart, Target, Molbak’s and Michaels.  How do you like my little bistro spot (my DIY Ikea chair and table)?  teehee


These are my wonderful bottle brush trees (the front tree are from Target, their $3.00 section), the ombré is from Snohomish. xmas-2016-bottle-brush-treesxmas-2016-bottle-brush-trees-2xmas-2016-gnome-sled

Mischievous Archer waiting to destroy something… it’s usually the tree skirt, which is why I just chose to use some scrap fabric!


Hope you’ve enjoyed the tour?  I’ve got a very busy week ahead of me – working with another event planner on the Zillow holiday party.  It’s so big that we will be working Tuesday through Friday before their party and then all day Saturday to dismantle!  That’s why I had to rush to get MY decorations up.  I’ll be pooped.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well?

~Love, Laura