Halloween 2016 Finale…

As I sit here under the strobing light, awaiting the knocks on the door… sheer excitement for the next trick-o-treater upon my doorstep… I upload our party photos!  LOL  Okay, so it’s not Stephen King or even Tim Burton, but honestly, I’m sitting in the dark in my office with the strobe light upon one of my many mannequins!  teehee

Here are some of the photos I gathered, from my camera, from Michael’s photos and the courtesy of my lovely friend, Katie McCoy (thank you again).  We had a GREAT turn out – several people and I truly enjoyed seeing my friends!  Thank you ALL once again – both dear friends, new friends and my lovely friendly neighbors for making our party such fun!

Please look at Ms. Katie McCoy’s photos – she posted on her Facebook and I appreciated the lovely words.  Even my mail lady came by today and had to take a tour and kept raving saying, “this is the best decorating I’ve ever seen, you should have the reports coming to show your work”… that made me smile (as well as all the nice compliments from friends) – just a little more encouragement I need for my GOAL to get back into event planning!!

Let me know what you think?  Happy Halloween and I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Had to show Maleficent off – thank you Monette for doing her makeup.  I do like the wings I made… (just being a little biased).  Now, how and where to store them? LOL

Michael took these for me – pre party…(below)

Courtesy of Katie:

Tomorrow the FUN (not) begins – tear down and where to store??  UGH… but already have ideas for recycling for next year!  🙂

~Love, Laura


Halloween Comes But Once a Year…

And this year it only took me few MONTHS to get ready for it.  LOL  Luckily, I had several of the props I had created (for my previous work , below – that were MINE) to use/redesign and Michael and I are excited to host our first Halloween Party here at our house!!

The weather has helped too, we’ve had some good gusts of winds and rain, the darkest of nights and the fall leaves to get me further in the spirit.  Unfortunately I had some of my outdoor decor though get too wet and so I had to already dismantle them, hopefully the REAL spiders will weave their magic for me.  teehee

It was nice to have my neighbor stop by on her way from picking up her son from preschool and she wanted to see if I would share some of the decor with Dryver (her son).  Happily!  The nicest part was when SHE exclaimed that “this is awesome, I’m so looking forward to the party and can I bring a friend, she’d love to see this?”  But of course, as a southern girl, the more the merrier (as I said in hopes that my own original invitees will still be making it)?  If your in the Seattle area, give me a shout, YOU too are always welcome!  I love for others to see my prop/craft/diy projects – it helps encourage my creativity.  🙂

After a few webinars I’ve been taking, I was happy to have Michael bring my daughter (home – our home) for a visit.  It’s been awhile since she’s been over, busy with work, etc. and it was fun to see/hear her reaction to my props/decor as well.  “OMG mom, you really outdid yourself this year, I wasn’t expecting THIS”… (yeah)!!  And then she added, “you REALLY need to get back into being an event planner/decorator.”  (tears welled up in my eyes) To hear HER say that made me feel special!  I know my lovely little sister and Michael and my good friend Erica have been supportive, but I think I REALLY needed this (especially as I’ve been struggling with the job hunting)!  UGH…

And truth be told, I REALLY do like hosting parties and having people over!  It’s the southern girl in me – ya’ll are welcome to come in!  I MISS having people around too, besides our current one car situation, I guess I’ve been feeling a bit isolated.  Double UGH.

But I’ve really enjoyed taking some online courses, blogging, writing and definitely being creative!  I look forward to Saturday and really, if  your in Seattle area, please send me a shout – would love to share some coffee, champagne or concoct some drink for you and ‘sit a spell and talk nonsense’…

I will also give a little (Wednesday) shout out to my little sister Monette (thank you for your help too) and wish her another HAPPY BIRTHDAY – love you!

~Love, Laura